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Sunday, August 7, 2011


dear you,
I'm quite sorry for the neglect. I've been thinking about
you daily, honestly. Excuses: too busy, too tired, or too
something. Now I would like to be too involved in keeping
this a priority.
Sincerely, me.

P.s. Here's a little bit of stuffs thats been happening:

I took a very swift trip to Baltimore and had a wonderful time---
all despite the fact that I worked late on a Monday, drove there on
a Tuesday (up at 5am--took nine hours),
packed and moved in hundred degree plus weather, then drove
back on a Thursday (another none hours!) and worked that Friday

Baltimore was full of love and friends and delicious eating.

Traveling was full of ocean and fog and bridges and ferries.

Back on the island there was the arrival of my favorite pup,
Nora. Plus, cousins, uncle, and beach picnics.

I bought these Ked-like shoes for seven dollars (my goal
was to find a pair of shoes I could adventure in--hike, beach,
wander--and not worry about, all under ten dollars: check!)
A long lost pair was hidden in a shelf at this strange island
store. They are a shade one of wonderful (power color?) and
I've been wearing them like I was born to.

Eating a lot of sweets (what's new there?). Seeing live music
(I like the rainbow palette of the crowd). August blooms filling
my rooms.