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I'm Zoë. Hey!

I'm in this sort of in-between place. I'm creating and working and learning and among all that I can't help but love the internet and all that I discover. I used to write for hours every night, documenting sounds, sights, eats, delights... now I'm trying to do a little bit of that on this format of a blog.

I'm not always decisive but I've surely got favorites (i.e. "maybe, zoë...")

I'd love to be a self-sustained artist. I love stitching and fiber and whatever they make when they cross paths. I am living in various spaces (San Francisco, Baltimore, Gainesville, Oak Bluffs---months in each, exploration, school, hometown, work/vacation... my wardrobe is currently a 40-something pound suitcase).
I'm in-between schooling (leave of absence/aka private art school is expensive)...
I love making, cooking, eating food. I love laughing hysterically and exploring on foot. I love running and soaking my tee-shirts through.

Maybe all this "maybe" business is because I was born on the cusp (I call myself a Sagicorn).

Let's get on with this digital sharing. Yeah!