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Thursday, January 19, 2012

and I let the music wash over me

"Kurt sings 'Baby’s Arms', as if he was musically prolonging a precious moment, stolen, as if this musical bit inserted itself in the enchanted parentheses of a business man."

"The voices were powerful, the sounds of guitars and drums and more guitar an excellent score for this afternoon, making us all forget how hot and tired we were and remember why it was we were here..."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

purple/violet [spirit]

I like the definition of spirit: such a part regarded as a person's true self and as capable of surviving physical death or separation.
Although it is not mine, I could see this combo as someone's truest desires: doughnuts and chinese food (or as a friend has keenly named it "hot garbage").
Childhood bedroom closet.
Love Needles & Pens shop/gallery in SF.
Hair soul.
Tartine Bakery dulce de leche birthday cake slice. supernatural
St Augustine Florida has a thing for white light holiday decor. 
Another of Poppop's sad clowns. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

photo a day challenge | recaping

one: you
two: breakfast
three: something you adore
four: letterbox
five: something you wore

six: makes you smile

seven: favourite
eight: your sky
nine: daily routine 
ten: childhood

photo a day challenge project

Thursday, January 5, 2012

blue [harmony]

Cookie + water + reading = ultimate trifecta. 

Amazing surroundings.

Longest beach legs. 

Beautiful camera reaction. 

Romantic bicycle tires. 

Sweet Castro harmony.

Fiber longing.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

green [nature]

I can't get enough of nature. And I don't want to. City jungles, spinach forests, foggy coves... any and all of it. Yes, please. 

I miss the sights of the west coast, but I've been running through the woods here. I saw a baby alligator. There's lots of green. But it's harder to see when the land is so flat. 

one: Valencia Street is full of magical furnishings. 

two: Delfina Pizzeria delicious--
Star Route Farms broccoli raab, caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives, and hot peppers

three: deer near Point Reyes lighthouse

four: going through the Poppop (granddad) art archive; more weird commissions for unknown projects. This time, big-eyed pets?

Monday, January 2, 2012

yellow [sunshine]

I said: "You take the picture!" So my friend took this beauty with my disposable camera. (It was an epic evening.)

Earlier evening in the evening I took this picture; Ocean Beach. Pacific life. 

Seeing tUnE-yArDs was like hearing sunshine and magic.

Homemade truffle by Armadillo Chocolates
"handmade with feral joy"
/crazy pants.

My grandpa drew this way back in the day. Like 50s or 60s...
There are a lot of them in my house right now and they are creepy. Mostly sad. 
I wonder what they were for? Who commissioned the saddest clown project? The sunlight was nice, though. So were the textures.

orange [healing]



I'm back in Florida. As of December 19th. A lot of people didn't know; a lot of people still don't know; a lot of people don't know why or for how long. But I don't know all these answers. And some of them are big exciting secrets that I'm holding onto and making sure they are strong and secure before I let them out to be free and roam. Sometimes it is awkward, that's okay.

I am, absolutely, healing. Everyday. I've gotten into high-fives. I high five the little things and the larger ones. You've got to find the joy in (orange) healing. Go team!

Sidewalk koi on a stroll in San Francisco/the morning I left.
This kombucha flavor knocked my socks off.
Art and landmarks.
Strange things found on a windy morning--teamwork, sunshine, roundness... symbols?
A weekend jaunt to Orlando accompanied by some fresh orange ice cream at Red Hill Groves.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

red [life]

I'm feeling good and productive. I've got ideas and projects and goals and dreams and AND AND!!
It's great! It's hopeful. I needed this. I'm learning so much.
I ended the year 2011 in a positively happy mood despite, well, many things, but freshly cutting my knee open (I went back and forth about posting that photo---kinda beautifully red, but maybe actually really gross..? Ha). I've been fairly clumsy lately; I attribute it to the moon phases and my new "free" sense of self.  Aka there is no point in being so caution because shit is going to happen regardless. 

I watched the movie Beginners last night... into the New Year. Wonderful. It hit all the right places in my head and heart. Appropriate, too. It is time for beginnings. One thing that stayed with me was the meanings behind each color of the rainbow flag. So for today I choose red. Life. 

These photos are from a variety of moments in 2011.
Crazy milk drinks from the asian market in El Cerrito. A lust-worthy moped on Valencia Street. 
A Ritual Coffee Roasters sea salt chocolate chip cookie. 
A puppy on the BART. (I miss California, but I don't feel too far from it...)
Two disposable camera prints from my recent twenty-second birthday. Back in Gainesville. 

[I thought I'd participate in this January 2012 photo project and today is "YOU"]
So the final shot is a bowl-cut portrait from around age 5 or so. 

Wholehearted. 2012! READY set go!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

reading and eating (and too much sweeting)

I love reading New York Magazine's various blogs. Everyday I do. I don't even live in New York, but whatever!
I happened upon Grub Street's "The Grub Street Diet" (aka the New York Diet) and it is fascinating.
It reminded me of the days when I avidly journaled all the moments of my day, everyday. Yeah, there was regularly an emphasis on food. Or, at least, there was an ease in writing about food when I had no words for the everything else.
Reading about these notable people (Wyatt Cenac, Andy Cohen, Dylan Lauren...etc) is a hoot. And reading about these people's food consumption, the oddities and habits, is even more interesting. For me, at least.

I've been eating ice cream out way too often this summer. But what am I supposed to do when the only hangouts/cheap eats in town are the one coffeehouse (sorry, it's subpar), 8 fried seafood shacks (I've never craved fried clams), and 6 ice cream shops (I've tried them all, I have opinions)?

My younger brother made two loaves of challah. Oh wow they are delicious! My household ate that bread up fast! French toast, sandwiches, you name it we ate it... (Funny story: a couple years ago in a class we had an assignment for a quick t-shirt design. I made a challah themed shirt, you can buy it on Zazzle.)

(See, more New York reading material.)

I was bored one afternoon and saw an add for this chocolate shop that catered to witches and stoners. Wait, what? So I went and I understood. Weird. But I got this delicious homemade chocolate s'mores concoction. Who knows what it did to me.

Yeah, I actually eat things not made of sugar and flour too. I eat my weight in vegetables daily. (Hence my non-diabetic health.) But greens are about as prevalent in my life as water, so I often forget to capture that and show the world, "hey, look at all the broccoli I ate today!"

Monday, September 5, 2011

brief brain scan

Feeling (what Jean Jullien made):

Loving (Jenni Rope's Print designs for Marimekko, 2011):