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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sees space

Cold, thick smoothies have been calling my name when I get out of bed.
I've been adding frozen spinach to the mix (nutritious pizzazz) so they
have been looking like some sort of space drink (I think of Luke Skywalker's
blue milk all too frequently). Bananas, blueberries, vanilla almond milk,
spinach, chocolate protein powder, and honey. I was indecisive, but I'd say
rather successfully.

Discovered some fashion made of cheese. Yeah, that girl in the floral look
is covered in cheese. My boyfriend loves cheese. Maybe I'll craft him a nice
button-up...a little cheddar, swiss, and edam plaid...

I live near Water World. It reminds me of anything but water.

This pawn shop, I've never been inside. Honestly it makes me a little
nervous. If this is the outside, the advertisement, what in the world is inside
there? What do you think the salesperson looks like?

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