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Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm not sure if it was the holiday, or just because giant, grilled meals
are the best, but my mom decided on a having a big Memorial Day
Monday meal. There were seven of us and probably enough food to
feed at least double that. And it was delightful and incredibly delicious.

But before dinner time, I biked around the hot town. Stopped at Volta
for an Agua Fresca (Jamaica Hibiscus) and was surprised by its color
and flavor---in the best possible way. It's similar to tart cranberry juice
with a subtle tea flavor (they steep the flowers in water and add a little
sweetener). I made my way home and passed this mural. I've always
liked it's palette, but like most murals I see these days, found it's subject
matter to be, let's see, strange?

I mostly did chopping and tasting to prepare. Those baguettes (whole wheat
sesame & rosemary), paired with my mom's lemon-herb butter and roasted
garlic = heaven.

I love the organization of the food on the grill. (I bet the two stray kabobs on the top
rack bother somebody.)

Our new old friends (we've know them for years, but I'm finally actually getting
to know them again) brought mac and cheese with bacon (amazing, even fora
non-bacon-lover like myself), deviled eggs, bread pudding, whipped cream,
and wonderful stories.

Fact realized today: This city is full of amazing people and the coolest stories.

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  1. i love the way you composed the images in this post.