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Monday, January 2, 2012

orange [healing]



I'm back in Florida. As of December 19th. A lot of people didn't know; a lot of people still don't know; a lot of people don't know why or for how long. But I don't know all these answers. And some of them are big exciting secrets that I'm holding onto and making sure they are strong and secure before I let them out to be free and roam. Sometimes it is awkward, that's okay.

I am, absolutely, healing. Everyday. I've gotten into high-fives. I high five the little things and the larger ones. You've got to find the joy in (orange) healing. Go team!

Sidewalk koi on a stroll in San Francisco/the morning I left.
This kombucha flavor knocked my socks off.
Art and landmarks.
Strange things found on a windy morning--teamwork, sunshine, roundness... symbols?
A weekend jaunt to Orlando accompanied by some fresh orange ice cream at Red Hill Groves.

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