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Sunday, January 1, 2012

red [life]

I'm feeling good and productive. I've got ideas and projects and goals and dreams and AND AND!!
It's great! It's hopeful. I needed this. I'm learning so much.
I ended the year 2011 in a positively happy mood despite, well, many things, but freshly cutting my knee open (I went back and forth about posting that photo---kinda beautifully red, but maybe actually really gross..? Ha). I've been fairly clumsy lately; I attribute it to the moon phases and my new "free" sense of self.  Aka there is no point in being so caution because shit is going to happen regardless. 

I watched the movie Beginners last night... into the New Year. Wonderful. It hit all the right places in my head and heart. Appropriate, too. It is time for beginnings. One thing that stayed with me was the meanings behind each color of the rainbow flag. So for today I choose red. Life. 

These photos are from a variety of moments in 2011.
Crazy milk drinks from the asian market in El Cerrito. A lust-worthy moped on Valencia Street. 
A Ritual Coffee Roasters sea salt chocolate chip cookie. 
A puppy on the BART. (I miss California, but I don't feel too far from it...)
Two disposable camera prints from my recent twenty-second birthday. Back in Gainesville. 

[I thought I'd participate in this January 2012 photo project and today is "YOU"]
So the final shot is a bowl-cut portrait from around age 5 or so. 

Wholehearted. 2012! READY set go!

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