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Thursday, June 16, 2011

has a hankering

Turns out I was born with more than one sweet tooth.
I think I have at least three. It helps (or maybe it's a little
dangerous) that my boyfriend seems to have just as many.
We discovered, too, that we have a mutual love for the fudge
brownie sundae. Or, as it is known to us, the FBS.

We've made special trips, hilarious journeys---you name it
---all for the sake of this perfect dessert. We don't always find
one that we couldn't make better (or cheaper) but it's fun to try.
We've gone to terrible chains, we've walked from the middle of
Brooklyn to the LES, we've gone back to see if it was really that good,
we've found it gluten-free and vegan.

If there's no FBS to be had, we don't limit ourselves, either. If it's
rich and chocolaty we tend to be fans.

I've been missing our outings, so I was going through the archives.
Drooling a little, too.

Plus, I made this delicious raw brownie the other day via a recipe
I found on one of my new favorite food sites My New Roots.
Yum. And yeah, I ate it with some ice cream.

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