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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today was my first day of waitressing again. First day of my
fourth year. It's all the same while being completely different.
I used to be the young one, in a world of seasoned ladies. They
all had their island gossip. They formed alliances and let me in
on their griping and aches. Now I'm the one that's been around.
I'm one of a few to nod along to kitchen stories of "remember when..."

But it's still hot inside and customers keep asking the same questions,
making the same demands. Plus, there are staff pregnancies. Always
gotta have a pregnant person on board at The Slice of Life! (and for
such a fragrant place, I'm surprised they always manage so well...)

Perhaps a combination of the full moon and the full bellies, I developed
a ravenous craving for ice cream. And it doesn't help that the only places
(that aren't restaurants) open past six o'clock are ice cream shops.
So indulge I did. Coconut Macadamia on top, Mocha Chip on the bottom.

And in a land of vacationers, this is what a small cup looks like
(roughly a pint of ice cream). Delicious, delicious homemade ice
cream. [Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium]

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