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Thursday, September 1, 2011

september starts

Ever since Irene passed through the weather has been amazing. Beautiful. Warmth in the bright sun. Breezy. Sparkling water at every turn...

But a quick recap of the storm:

(this is the "front yard", basically. we hoped the water from the pond would stop rising--it did. me in the red sweatshirt, younger brother in the red pants, sister-in-law in the shorts; funny enough, my mom was wearing a bright red jacket--photo by mom)

We went driving around and this was over at the harbor in Edgartown. (photo by mom)

At South Beach we braved the ferocious sand. It seriously felt like razor burn all over your body as the wind sent the sand from the beach. The photo on the right was taken by me as I took cover behind the shower stalls. 

We kept taking portraits and all mine were this: hair, lots of hair. All and all we faired well (thank you!) during the storm, and even the debris was smiling. 
- - - - - - -

But now back to today, September First

Although I woke up much earlier than I desired today, I felt good. Or at least excited about the refreshing quality of a new month. A month that means moving, a month that means fall...

So I cleaned off my old polish, ran my feet through the thick New England grass, and painted my toes a rich, deep turquoise-green. (it's described as "the veins of green mold running through Roquefort." brand: strangebeautiful)

I'm hoping to start some sort of series features on here. I'm remembering that I'm a big fan of structure and creative organization... 

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