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Monday, June 13, 2011


Hells Bells! It's been too long. I guess that's what happens
when you pack in lots of hang time before you say goodbye
to friends&family/drive hundreds of miles/move to an island
on the weekend (no internet).

It's been fun, delicious, exhausting, nerve-racking, beautiful,
smoky, sweaty, freezing... yeah. Everything, really.

I guess this transition calls for a little recapping.

Me and my best Gainesville gang did what we do best---eat
at Leo's by the Slice and play wordy games (portabella pizza
and Bananagrams).

My sweet sisterly Daniela made this blueberry pie. Stupendous!
I kept going back to the kitchen to "get more water."
(aka to even out the remaining pie in the dish)

I got fancy to go out on hot, sticky nights, even when there
wasn't actually anything to do.

Managed some happy slowness: a SundayStyles section &
an iced coffee + Volta family chatting. Plus, a crafternoon
of jewelry making.

Then road tripping began (me + younger bro, Sam).
Gainesville to Baltimore in one shot. One long, flat road
for hours and hours and...more hours. Oh yeah, and then
a few more.

Moe the Cat in his little carrier. Boy was he a trooper. And he
still loves me more than ever, despite the daily traumas of
cages, other dogs, other cats, and being walked on a leash.

Much fun in Baltimore even in the condensed timeframe.
(And holy geez it was HOT! 100ish degrees both days, really?)
Homemade fudge brownie sundaes, backyard bbq, exploration,
heat-delirium, ETHIOPIAN food, boyfriend, a balti-bestie with
fresh strawberry herb sorbet. Yeah, score.

(my boyfriend is the best decorator; his house looks different every time
---wonderful every time)

Bro and boh.

If you go to Baltimore, eat at Tabor.

We stopped in Vermont so I could drop Sam off (summer work).
It was gorgeous. I wanted to bottle up some of that air.

Taking the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard was grey, wet,
and chilly. But it was nice to be arriving at a stopping point.
The home of summer.

Got it?
Let's get back on this regularity thing. Also, wish for some sun
and dryness for me? Thanks!

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